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Brand: Fitshape
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During heavy training, muscles get damaged. A normal daily diet often provides insufficient nutrients for optimum recovery. Fitshape Amino Liquid is a must for athletes in intensive training.

Amino-acids are very important for the body because they are the building blocks that form the basis for all proteins. Proteins are necessary for, among other things, the growth and supply of oxygen to muscle cells. Through the ingestion of amino-acids, muscles mend faster, damage is minimalised and the muscles bulk up faster.

In contrast to proteins that the body has to digest in order to release the amino-acids, Amino Liquid is ‘predigested’. The amino-acid content of this Fitshape product is perfectly balanced, and through it’s liquid form is immediately absorbed by the body. It contains all the essential amino-acids, a high percentage of branched-chain amino-acids and is made of the best source of protein (whey protein).

Recommended daily dose:- 1 ampoule 15-30 minutes after the training session. Fitshape Amino Liquid is available in quantities of 20 ampoules.

  • Contributes to the growth of muscle mass.
  • Fluid amino-acids for fast absorption.
  • With essential and branched-chain amino-acids.
  • Developed using the latest scientific research.
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