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Brand: Fitshape
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During sport you lose not only fluids, but also carbohydrates (source of energy for the body) and minerals. A fluid loss of approximately 2% of your body weight will cause your performance to drop by as much as 20%! The best way to avoid this is to take an energy-drink (for fast absorption) while you are practising your sport. Fitshape Endurance Drink is a special, carbohydrate-based sport-drink.

What is the significance, during long periods of sporting activity, to take in not only water, but also carbohydrates? Well, that way you generate more energy and don’t deplete your glycogen reserves.

Fitshape Endurance Drink gives quick, and yet in a time-released manner (not a whole boost all at once) energy, and is a perfect support for sporters. The unique ingredient is Palatinose*, an extremely ‘slow’ carbohydrate which enables a more even supply of the energy resources.

Fitshape Endurance Drink contains all the ingredients to keep your fluid-level, carbohydrate reserves and minerals up to scratch!

Usage: Both before and during the exertion. Fitshape Endurance Drink is available in packs of 1250 grammes.

Helps maintain enduring stamina, improves the absorption of fluids.

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