Combat sport is an explosive sport in which you have to produce a lot of energy in a short period. For example, kick-boxing, boxing, judo, karate and K1. Practising a combat sport is an unbelievable way to improve your condition, build stronger muscles, achieve better control over your body and learn to defend yourself!

It is important to use good materials. In particular, good boxing-gloves and body-protection are important. Moreover, the practice of a combat sport contributes to a healthy balance between mind and body.

On this page, you will find information and tips on how to support your body best through combat sport, and natural sport-nutrition and dietary supplements. Because also within the combat sport, people are becoming more aware of the advantages of sports-nutrition in achieving your personal aims!

Muscle Building

Combat sport consists of powerful but controlled movement. The building up of bigger muscles (muscle-mass) and power requires a finely-tuned combination of training, rest, repair and good nutrition. Beside this, it is important to have a light meal about an hour before training. Before you start a combat-training session, do a 10-20 minute warm-up, after that, well warmed up, start your training. Train regularly with loose weights; that way you build up your muscle-mass faster and better. To build up extra muscle-mass, you need building materials such as carbohydrates to supply energy, proteins to increase the muscle-mass and fibre for metabolism.


In explosive sports, an extra energy boost is always welcome! It is very important to start a combat match/training-session with sufficient power and energy. Ideal supplements for this are our Fitshape Energy Boost and Energy Drink. These are special, carbohydrate- and –protein based sports-drinks. They provide immediate explosive (and long-lasting) power, speed and concentration. You’ll notice during the match that you’l be able to give that little bit extra, and won’t tire so quickly!


After an intensive work-out, it is important to provide your body with the correct nutrients for repair. Damaged muscles recover faster and make new muscle tissue without having to take from other parts of your body.

Amino-acids are the building-blocks that aid your body in this; they provide for the growth and repair of the muscles. They are also important in building muscle tissue quickly after an intensive training-session. Small tears occur in your muscles during training. Amino-acids repair these small tears with new muscle-tissue within 48 hours. But it’s not always possible to obtain these amino-acids from your normal eating-pattern. Dietary supplements offer a good, comprehensive result.